Green up your life

Do it vertical!

Vertical farming is a technology which emulates the rhythms of nature through the use of a vertical structure. It enables the cultivation of many vegetables and plants  with few and simple ingredients:

·       No soil, just  water and natural nutrients ( hydroponic technique ).

·       Sunlight is provided by LED lamps with the required spectrum for each cultivated variety

·       The climate ( temperature, humidity, air circulation and CO2) is mechanically controlled

Water, Light and Technology.
Nothing Else Needed!

Healthy and flavorful food
From farm to fork

Do  you know that vegetables are harvested from farms hundreds of miles from where you buy them? 

Do you know they lose more than half of the nutrients along the way? 

That’s why freshly harvested vegetables are healthier and more flavorful!

Fresh food  should be picked minutes before eating!

Novarfam  vertical farms allow you to grow vegetables without use of pesticide and they will be nickel-free.

You need just water and nutrients.

You can enjoy your favourite vegetables all year round, without worrying about weather conditions. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables at your fingertips. Salads, cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley or more exotic type as oriental salads or microleaf.

Are you a flower enthusiast? Our farms allow you to grow flowers like marigolds, snagradon, nasturtium and ornamental plants. 

Add colour to your home and enjoy the fragrance of herbs and flowers you have cultivated yourself.


Play your role for the

Conventional agriculture has a strong environmental impact.  It consumes a huge amount of water. Every single day chemicals are dumped on the crops we will eat. They seep into the soil contaminating groundwater. Moreover it overcrops soil, it is subject to air pollution and contributes to environmental degradation using mechanical means for cultivation and transportation to destination market. Our Planet is paying a high price.

A realistic view of the present and future tells us we must change! The industry must shift its perception towards present and future consumers with sustainability at the core of future investments.

But do not forget each one of us can contribute by taking small actions and making important life choices. Novafarm has studied  hydroponic farms to enable each individual to become full player of change.

Veggies within arm's reach

Fresh flavors and better nutrition within arm's reach. No food harvested several weeks before. No pollution due to transportation over long distances.

No waste or resources

Novafarm vertical farms save 90% more water than conventional gardening methods and they create no waste. No soil consumption.

No pesticides

Our farms can grow veggies and fruit at home with zero contaminants.

No air pollution

The indoor farming does not damage the atmosphere.

No soil pollution

Vertical hydroponic farming does not damage the ecosystem of the soil.

No water pollution

No contaminants use means clean and uncontaminated groundwater.

A more harmonious lifestyle

Yuor Novafarm farm is together with you throughout the day producing fresh, nutritious and delicious food you can harvest just before your meal. It gives you essential food for your health and well-being. It purifies the air of your house. Choosing vertical hydroponic farming doesn't just mean growing fresh and flavorful veggies, fruit and herbs at home, you embrace a lifestyle focused on the connection with nature, sustainable food and greater awareness of your environmental impact.

Novafarm vertical farms are with you at any moment of the day adding superior flavor to your meals

Start your day with the right boost! A revitalizing herbal tea directly from your personal farm  

Lunch time. Cook your recipes with flavorful herbs and freshly picked cherry tomatoes

Afternoon break.Taste a relaxing and meditative herbal infusion

Enjoy your dinner with genuine salad or a microleaf sidedish

Breathe well, live better

When we think about air pollution, images of smoking chimneys, car exhaust and smog come to our mind. But air is polluted even in our homes, offices and closed environments. The causes are insufficient air circulation and harmful emissions from building materials and furnishing. Long exposure to these agents lead to red eyes, itchy throat and ashma-related illnesses. 

The correct level of humidity plays a crucial role in our health. The optimal humidity level ranges between 35% and 60%. This level often drops lower especially during winter. That's why winter is the typical season for respiratory problems.

A solution is a significant improvement of air quality thanks to Novafarm vertical farms.

Our farms make you breathe better experiencing all benefits of hydroponics.

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