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"go to school"

Nature in school space is great for students’ well-being and as pedagogic teaching support.

The presence of plants in school environments improves air quality, making it cooler and more humid. Plants create more favorable conditions reducing various physical discomforts while increasing creativity and concentration.

School turns green

Source: "Il benessere in città Green City Italia"

Increased stimulation of
psychophysical balance


Increased stimulation of

Reduction of
noise level

Reduction of
air pollution


Filtration of
microscopic particles

Higher microclimate quality

Nature is an open book!

Show to your young students the birth of life, its develpment thanks to primary elements like water and light.
Teach them respect and love for the preciousness of life.
Give them a more optimistic and confident outlook on the future.

Our farms are a fantastic educational support to teach children about the rhythms of nature, the beauty of sowing seeds, the excitement of taking care of something they are growing and the joy of tasting their harvest in complete safety.

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Our farms in work environments

It has been proven that poor microclimate in work environments can lead to several discomforts. It is considered a triggering factor for stress, dissatisfaction and illness which often results in sick leave.

Several studies show how the presence of plants and flowers in offices improves air quality making the environment cooler and more humid. A comparison between “ green and non-green offices demostrated a significant reduction in physical discomforts.

Decrease in disturbance compared to offices without greenery

Source: "Il verde è benessere Green City Italia"





Dry throat




Well-being in the offices

Companies that have furnished their offices with plants and flowers have stated that the environment is more cheerful and welcoming, less stressful
and concentration capacity is higher.
Novafarm farm can balance climate in closed enviroment without the need for soil and maintenance.

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Farms for communities

The benefits of having greenery are evident in areas such as hospitals, retirement homes and facilities for people with disabilities. A vertical garden or farm has positive impact on the well-being of patients promoting stress reduction and stimulating social integration for the elderly, sick or disabled.

Green is good

Source: "Il verde è benessere Green City Italia"

Relief from
stress and depression


Improved social interaction
for those who cannot be outdoors.

Satisfaction in harvesting
the fruits of one’s “labor“.

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